Mark Nutkins

Mark Nutkins is a UK based Cinematographer working on International Film, Television series, Commercial, Documentaries and recently BBC’s acclaimed The Split season 3 and Netflix kids action adventure The Last Bus and a series of films for Ballet Black. Mark’s additional credits include British Independent movies ‘Gatecrash’ (Dir Lawrence Gough) and ‘Hi Lo Joe’ (Dir James Kermack). In 2019 his episode ‘Cuckoo’ for Vera screened on ITV (Dir Lawrence Gough) In 2019 he was busy shooting 2nd Unit on one of Netflix’s biggest dramas of 2020 ‘Bridgerton’. Produced by Shondaland (Dir Dee Koopang O’Leary) VFX Unit DOP on Warner Bros Pennyworth season 3 and Netflix OUTLAW KING (Dir David Mackenzie) , 2nd Unit on Hollywood’s The INFORMER (Dir Andrea Di Stefano) and for the Sky Arts 50 programme AUTOMAT (Dir Lab Ky Mo), a film about slavery in the workplace. Marks work has screened at Bafta and Academy accredited festivals; nominated fro Best Cinematography in the Annuel BSC short film competition. He is a member of the GBCT, and an affiliate member of the BSC. Testimony by Director Lawrence Gough What’s impressive about Mark is that all his years of experience and his vast technical knowledge hasn’t made him stale or fixed! It’s quite the opposite, it’s allowed him to fly with his skills and adapt to a directors vision and build upon that vision and to elevate it to another level. I was and I am forever grateful for that! Marks energy is infectious! Everyone is picked up by it and it’s a refreshing place to be. His ability and sensitivity to actors was exceptional. To really understand the material and what me and the actors were trying to achieve was testimony to his approach to the work. To be able to come down to the floor at the actors level and help climb inside their moments and capture those moments was a truly wonderful experience to witness.

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