COMING SOON!…Theatre & Venue Partnerships

Theatre/Venue Partnerships are an excellent way for us to connect with a wider audience, both within the UK and abroad. We love to perform to a live audience yet we also appreciate that some venues that are not in a position to present our live work. This is where our digital work offers a collaboration.

Theatre partnership pages are unique to each partner. They feature your branding and a bespoke introduction about the relationship. It provides the partner with a new way to showcase and support the diversity of our work to their existing audience. In most cases we can provide access to a unique instance our films that we host on behalf of the partner. Pay-per-view revenue that is generated from the watching of the films on a partners’ page is then shared with both parties.

To see how a ticket is purchased click to play the film shown below. We can also provide lists of viewing codes for organisations wanting to purchase access in advance so they can be provided individually to attendees at an event or festival. Viewing data can also be shared helping both parties to both extend and record their ongoing diversity initiatives.

If your theatre, organisation or event are interested in finding our more about a Theatre or Venue Partnership do get in touch.


Yes, As we provide partners with their own unique hosted page, which we maintain, we are able to generate useful data aggregation from the viewing audience. This allows both organisations to quantify the extended audience reach and engagement with this initiative.

Partners are able to promote their unique page to their own customers using their preferred method/s of engagement. This data is not shared with us in any way. Promotion might include emailing a mailing list and banner or text based announcement on their websites.
Currently our films range from £3 (for a short film) to £10 to a playlist ticket (several films or a double bill). To see how a ticket is purchased click to play the film shown at the top of this page.
Typically the theatre partner will receive a percentage (UK based partners) of the ticket sales revenue. For non-UK partners this will be somewhat dependent on the music rights (sync rights) costs associated in providing a streaming service to their location.
Yes, our partnership pages work on all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Our Partnerships include:

Available for most ios and Android devices.

Watch Films, Documentaries & Ballet Classes anytime, anywhere‚Äďpersonalized for you


On large screen

Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Android TV, DVD, Blue-ray players and more.


On Mobile

Available on phone and tablet with Android or ios, wherever you go.



Use your PC desktop or laptop no matter what size it is.